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Vacations with a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder can be chaotic, nerve rattling and stressful!  So stressful that many families do not take a vacation.  Well, no more!  Welcome to the site dedicated to helping your family travel, vacation and have fun!

On October 9, 2013, Walt Disney World changed their Guest Pass program to a Disability Assistance Services Card.  For more on the changes, please read on!

Do you love nature but need more structure to your outings?  Perhaps your little one would like to learn more about the beach, dinosaurs or (eek!) bats?  Then check into the story about the Junior Ranger Program  offered in our National Parks.

Adventure travel?  Why should I pay when my everyday life with my son is an adventure?

The key to a happy vacation is simple really.  Just like the real estate mantra -- instead of location, chant preparation.

Our new article on the Happiest Place on Earth helps with management of your children and money.

Camping can be cost effective as well as family oriented.  Enjoy the great outdoors again!

Getting there is a real battle and hours in the car can stress the happiest of families.  Gadgets in the car help with the ride and they don't have to break your bank.


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*UPDATE:  As February 2013 I am still showing No Evidence of Disease or as we call it, dancing with NED (no evidence of disease)!   I will never be truly free of this disease but I am so blessed to have these past five years!  Thank you all for your support!

One thing for sure, I love to talk! And I would love to talk as a panelist or speaker at your next event!  For more info . . .

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